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Who This Is For

  • Is playing music your dream but you have a belief that you don't have a good voice or any musical talent? Then this is for YOU!
  • Have you dabbled in music but never seem to get over the frustrating beginner stage? Then this is for YOU!
  • You are someone that has never been musical but always felt a deep attraction and desire to sing or play an instrument? Then this is for YOU!
  • Have you found yourself wanting to participate in a jam around the campfire, or improvise with other musicians? Then this is for YOU!
  • You love music but don't resonate with learning in the traditional ways of music theory and intellectual understanding. Then this is for YOU!

For the last 10 years I've been supporting others to unlock their music gifts and now I've put everything that I know into this school to support you on your journey. By enrolling you'll discover your musical talent that will allow you to feel confident playing music with others, improvise and write your own songs, and pick up any instrument you feel called to and learn it with ease.

What You'll Receive Immediately With Your Enrollment:

  • 10+ hours of video and audio lessons and exercises.
  • 3 months of modules with lifetime access.
  • Tools and exercises to support your musical journey.
  • Inspirational stories and tips about becoming a musician and finding your passion in life, whatever it may be.
  • My tried and true formula for creating in person song circles and jams with friends.
  • Guidance and support to access and unlock your musical gifts
  • Mentorship and stories to support you in discovering your passion.

About The Everybody Band School

Hey there, my name is Yoshua, and I've been a professional musician for over 18 years. I have played in various bands, toured around the country, written hundreds of songs and taught thousands of people how to access their musical gifts, and now, I have decided to take everything I have learned and put it all into a music school that is fun and easy to follow. While this is my first time creating an online music school I have had a lot of fun over the years teaching people online how to cook and amassed a following of 1.4 million subscribers doing so. I also used to have a cooking and music show on MTV with my brother, we got to travel the world cooking for celebrities and jamming out, needless to say, it's been a wild ride.

This school is for anyone that has always had a dream of playing music but has struggled to find the confidence to take that first step, or simply wants to deepen their understanding of music through interactive exercises, improvisational lessons, voice openings, song writing, and more. I say music school, but in a way it's really an unschool. The word school often makes us think that we have to "learn" something, but in this course, as you'll come to see, it is less about learning and more about unlearning the blocks that you have that are holding you back from tapping into your musical gifts, and, spoiler, you already have musical gifts, you just don't know it yet! Sure, we'll learn a bunch of fun techniques and tools to help you with your musical journey, but it won't really feel like work, rather it is a form of play.

Look, I could sit here and sell you on all of the wonderful benefits that this course is going to offer, and even say that I am offering a huge value with a gigantic discount, but the truth is, I don't want to try and force anything down your throat, we get enough marketing crap every single day shoved in our faces. I have a degree in marketing (even if I spent that time mostly playing music), I know all the tricks, and yet I have dedicated my life to music, it has helped me in the most wonderful of ways, and I feel a deep desire to share what I have learned with you.

I can't tell you how many times I have heard people say "I can't play music" or "I suck at singing, my sister has the great voice." There are a million reasons not to play, but the wild thing is, most people I teach have some similar story about why they are a terrible musiican and yet within a few minutes of me teaching them some of what I have learned, they uncover their musical gifts and are totally blown away. And that is the beauty of this school, whether you want to learn to sing, to learn rhythm, guitar, piano, or simply want to feel more comfortable pursuing a musical instrument, you'll get support in doing so.

"Yoshua feels the music- you can see it flowing from his heart to his toes- a full Embodied expression and connection to the frequencies he creates & weaves into and amongst!" - Pepper Proud - Vocalist For Yaima

Example Lesson From Week Four: Finding Your Voice

“Every time I have the privilege to play music with Yoshua is a fresh and exciting journey. Yoshua is a masterful musician in his own right but also is great at nurturing and cultivating a welcoming space for others to contribute their unique musical expressions. That humility and child-like playfulness is a main reason why I love playing music with Yoshua and deeply trust his prowess as an artist, teacher and facilitator.” - Steven Newman

How This School Works and Pricing

Once you sign up you'll get instant access to the course as well as your login info emailed to you. The school is 3 months long, each month you'll have access to a variety of different modules with exercises, video, audio lessons and more. You can take the modules at your own pace and you can always come back as you have lifetime access to the content. The videos range from short exercises, to long interactive journeys where you'll be able to sing, dance, or jam along to the music. If you don't like to learn things and are overwhelmed by tedious assignements, and would much rather do something that is fun and interactive, something where you naturally learn by default, this course is for you. You can see a list of the various modules and what they contain below but they range from learning how to jam, to learning rhythm, to unlocking your voice, exploring music as medicine and more.

The cost is $333, however with the current market conditions, and really my desire to make this acccessible to anyone, I have made this course available in a sort of "pay what you want" fashion, with multiple payment tiers that all offer full access to the course. I also offer payment plan options so you can pay as you go.

If you've been interested in going to music school but don't want to spend thousands of dollars, this is a great entry point and a really fun and easeful way to learn music. Pick the price you'd like to pay that resonates most with you and where you are at.

What Will This School Do For You?

  • Gain clarity and awareness of your voice so you can sing and speak confidence
  • Give you the confidence to improvise and jam with others
  • Teach you how to find your authentic voice and write songs from your heart
  • Learn rhythm and how to play the drums.
  • Learn the basics of guitar, piano and bass so you can easily go deeper into any instrument you resonate with.
  • Learn about the healing benefits of music for your mind, body and soul.

Over the years I have taken so many music lessons, but there is often one major problem--music is hard to learn, at least from the traditional platform. But is it really? Well, I sure as heck thought so and even quit the first time around, I was fed up and frustrated and knew I could never be a musician. But that all changed when I started to discover something that I wish I had known from the beginning--music isn't something you have to learn, music is something that you already know, you simply have to remove the block that is telling you otherwise.

It may sound confusing but the truth of the matter is that music is a gift we are all born with. If you have a heartbeat you have rhythm, a voice--a song to sing. But we are told music is only for a few, for the "talented", HA! I freaking lie if you ask me. A lie being touted in a modern society where music has become an industry. Don't get me wrong, there are incredible musicians within that industry that have found a way to do their own thing, but for most of us we are convinced from a young age that we could never be a musician and honestly to me that is perhaps the saddest lie we were ever told. Music is a birthright and to enjoy the splendors of music one doesn't have to be a professional musician, so why not reclaim that gift sitting dormant within you?

Music is a deep form of communication, it is a way for people to connect beyond words in our disjointed language system, a way for us to go straight to the heart. Whenever I play with others, or even sing songs by myself, I feel a deep sense of love and connection to something so much greater than me. That is the joy of music, to feel that sacred connection, to dance with the divine, to take back what has always been yours.

Another beneift to this school is the mentorship and guidance portion. Although a lot of this is about learning music, music extends far beyond the actual playing and practicing of it, music bleeds into your life and colors your day to day. This course offers a lot of tips and guidance for supporting you in finding your passion and building your confidence in life, whether in music, or in general.

Now, it's time to get lost in the music, so click below if you are ready to start your new life in music.


Yoshua feels the music- you can see it flowing from his heart to his toes- a full Embodied expression and connection to the frequencies he creates & weaves into and amongst! His songs are full of Sweetness and Soul! His devotion to limitless creativity is beyond captivating and inspiring! - Pepper Proud - Musician and Vocalist for Yaima

"I have never met someone quite like Joshua in how he approaches music. I find I get to discover parts of my voice and creative expression being mirrored through others that has me feel more nourished and inspired. He is one of my favorite people to jam with as is truly committed to what serves the sound and how to allow others sounds to harmonize in profound ways." - Jules Schroeder - Creator of Unconvential Life - Musician

“Not only is Yashua a excellent Musician but also a amazing human.

One of the first things I noticed when I first played music with Yashua was how comfortable It was jamming together, Definitely one of the main things I look for when collaborating with musicians.” - Mas Higasa

From the moment I met Yoshua, he made me feel like a friend. He has that way with people. His ability to lead with ease, improvise with skill, mixed with his sacred silliness in a musical container is a rarity. It’s abundantly clear that music is woven into the fabric of his life. It’s contagious and full of joy. Thank you for all you teach me, friend! - Kathleen Hooper - Musician of the band LVDY



Learning The Language Of Music


Overcoming Beginner Struggles


Understanding Rhythm


Finding Your Voice


Discovering Your Passion


How To Jam and Improvise


Songwriting 101


A Small Taste of Music Theory


Opening Your Voice


A New Way To Experience Music


Music As Medicine


Continuing Your Journey

I could go on and on about all of the reasons why you may want to join The Everybody Band School, but music speaks for itself, and when you know you know, so if you know, here we go, and if you don't know, well, should you ever feel the pull, you can always comes back here.